My Atlanta Water Damage Restoration Adventure…

This is the story of a typical water damage clean-up and repair in Atlanta Ga and I’m here to tell you, that having water damage in your home can be a rough experience. As it happens, the water that usually damages your home is almost never blue or clear in color. In fact, they call the water gray or black, depending on how dirty it is and where it comes from.

If the water in your house is from a roofing system leak, shower leak and even a burst water heater, then they call that gray water due to the fact that it’s not extremely dirty or nasty, but there still is some biological things in it. It’s not pure like drinking water.

If the water in your house is from a commode or sewer problem, then they call that black water due to the fact that it’s got a lot of potentially poisonous bio-matter that can possibly get us ill. It’s much nastier than gray water.

Both gray and black water if let to sit for extremely long in wood, drywall, clothe, concrete or nearly anything else … will eventually cause mold to grow and regularly wind up messing up the material in question. It’s for this reason when your home or business floods or gets very wet, that the insurance company sends a water damage tidy up crew out as soon as possible to suck up the water, put out fans, dehumidifiers as well as air scrubbers.

Even after a couple days, much of exactly what’s splashed can be past saving. In some cases, when a house or business owner is away for a week and even a month, they return only to find out that they’ve had a flood or leak while they were gone. In these cases, things have often been wet the whole time and mold has actually taken control of the whole area, triggering it to all need to be entirely gotten rid of and brought back.

Our offices are near Atlanta Ga, so when it concerns water damage restoration Atlanta, it’s no enjoyable either. We’ve had a variety of our own personal experiences with water damage in Atlanta over the years and saw lots of friends and co-workers that have too. This is how we know it’s a “blue” experience … no enjoyable, a real inconvenience. However as an outcome, we wish to recommend you get your very own private adjuster and your own water damage restoration company or repair work contractor.

Relying on what kind of leak you’ve had and where it was, you could or may not be covered by your insurance. So when it concerns water damage concerns, having an exclusive case adjuster come out who works for you and represents you can actually be to your advantage when taking care of your insurance business’s cases adjuster. You’ll typically get 50-100% even more cash and only pay the personal adjustor a portion of the additional money they got you, typically about 15 %.

If you have a basic service provider or house renovating specialist that you already know or know of that offers water damage restoration or repair work, it would be worth getting an estimate from them in addition to whomever the insurance business’s adjuster or your private adjustor recommends. If you play your cards right, you can end up getting a credit for your deductible and your home or company put back “great as new”.

Please respond or comment below and let us know if you’ve had any Atlanta water damage restoration or repair work done and if so, how did it go and what’s your one-of-a-kind tale? Did it simply start “blue” or end up “blue”? … asking minds would like to understand.

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